Editors return with new single ‘Magazine’ – Review


By Jack

Everyone’s favourite doom rockers return with an adventurous new single. ‘Magazine’ is a two-speed rock tune, cut between simmering verses and an explosive chorus. It’s a strong return from the adopted Brummies.

‘Magazine’ is a lot wordier than we are used to, and lacks the immediate visceral appeal of tracks like ‘Munich’ and ‘An End Has a Start’. However this new focus on inter-lyrical drama suggests Tom Smith may be reaching for something.

Awaited album Violence may be their headiest yet – a welcome progression given the length of their career. However the lyrics are opaque as ever, communicating emotion rather than intent. This isn’t a problem per se, but if the album does hope to impart a specific message then the writing will need to be tighter.

Musically it’s pretty enjoyable, the only bum note being an over-egged middle-eight which sounds like Fall Out Boy (never, ever sound like Fall Out Boy). And yeah, the video looks a bit like ‘The Creep’ by The Lonely Island.

However it is as engaging and energetic as we would expect, and sounds like a counterpoint, tonally to ‘Camera’.

We’re keen to see what Editors can dream up on album six. Read our round-up of their five best tracks here.


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