Camila Cabello delivers supreme pop thrills on Camila – Review


By Jack

Camila Cabello may have conciously uncoupled out of Fifth Harmony, but it wasn’t until the worldwide smash ‘Havana’ that she became a star in her own right. On her debut album Camila, Cabello reigns supreme – and suggests a hitmaker here to stay.

The range of styles on this debut is impressive, the conviction with which they are delivered even moreso. From piano bar balladry to sizzling Latin-pop, Cabello throws herself into these songs with real aplomb. Whats more – the singles are not the best tracks here, suggesting a greater depth to this project then one might imagine.

‘Inside Out’ opens sounding (of all things) like Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five‘, before flowering into sunny dancehall emboldened by steel drums. ‘Consequences’ may be a stripped back ballad – and therefore pretty hard to screw up – but Cabello embraces the staid style with welcome energy.

‘Real Friends’ could be a Pink song, so bitter is the central message. Once the guitar riff sequences into a poppy synth loop it is clear a more adventurous artist is holding the reigns.

Camilla sold herself on the strength of her club-ready sex jams, and these come aplenty (so to speak). She isn’t mincing her words on ‘Into It’: “All the things I wanna do to you is infinite / If you’re into it.” ‘She Loves Control’ does well by suggestion and innuendo, a loving paean to a bossy lady.

Camila is a fantastic pop debut. Sensitively assembled and sung with passion, these songs click together well. It is refreshing to hear a pop album that doesn’t sound like ‘Singles + the rest’. The music is buffed to a sheen, whilst Camila’s voice if left to run from sweet croon to gruff stentorian. Camila confirms a major pop talent.

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