Hot Shit: Che Lingo’s ‘Same Energy’

By Alex

There’s something peculiarly British about staying in one’s lane. While kids in the US are told they can grow up to be President, in the UK, our expectations are carefully managed from a young age. When we venture out of our lane, striving for something better, we often end up with slapped wrists before we’re manoeuvred back in line. We apologise for aiming for something else, embarrassed for trying. But on those rare occasions that we succeed, achieving in the face of adversity, there is jubilation.

On his new track, Che Lingo takes a pop at the people who stood in the way of his ambitions, sneering over his shoulder at those who told him no.

‘Same Energy’ flows masterfully, Lingo skittering his razor-sharp raps over the grime-influenced beat like a pro. From the off, he’s challenging the people who didn’t believe in him, goading them with a told-you-so snarl. “Didn’t want to mess with me then but it’s different now,” he raps, brushing them off with the dismissive shrug of “Keep that same energy”. The title can be read in opposing ways. It’s at once a sarcastic jibe at the people who were too negative to take a chance on his talent, but also a personal mantra, Lingo’s success down to his perseverance and drive.

There’s no doubt Lingo’s the real deal, and those who passed on his effortless rap stylings will be asking themselves what they were thinking when they hear the concentrated skill of ‘Same Energy’. A calculated and charming rap track, with records like this, it’s only a matter of time before Che Lingo is taking the UK by storm.



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