New Sound: Citrus Heights

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By Jack

Cirtus Heights are an indie-pop four-piece from Leeds. We stumbled upon their latest track ‘Questions’ and were blown away. For a band this early in their career the quality of ‘Questions’ is staggering, with a sweet & catchy chorus, punchy production and a spiffy solo towards the end. It’s a tight guitar-pop jam with a new wave inflection.

We asked drummer Luke Chambers about the track and what lies ahead for Citrus Heights.

HN: How did Citrus Heights come together?

LC: Ben, Jamie and myself all attended Leeds College of Music together on the Popular Music BTEC course. It was only after we actually finished college that we decided to start a band and Ben introduced Matt (who both worked at the same job together) who shared an interest in music, gaming and played bass so was the perfect match.

HN: How did ‘Questions’ come about?

LC: Ben came up with the chord structure and initial feel and direction for the song, brought it in to the practice room and we started the process of building structure and overall feel etc.

Jamie came up with the lyrics and melody whilst we were shaping the song and it was ready to roll. Once it was sorted in the practice room we then set about recording the song ourselves and began to add the magic!

HN: We love this video – did you have a strong idea of what you wanted?

LC: We did have a good idea of the style we wanted for the video with the retro footage. We had our good friend Alex Prince take the reigns on it and once we got to see the final product we fell in love with it.

HN: What is it about the 80’s that makes it so special? Why do you think we’re still looking back on it with such fondness?

LC: I think the 80’s was a time where music hit a new frontier with creativity in writing. The amount of new instruments coming out in that time really shaped and helped develop modern music up until this day with the introduction of synths and heavy electronic effects shaping the sound of music in that era onward.

It really allowed creative minds to have a whole new playground, plus the pop culture allowed way more freedom for artists from all different musical backgrounds than it currently does today which opened the door for fashion and real entertainment!

giphy (48)

HN: You list Maroon 5 as one of your influences…and their greatest tune is?

LC: Harder to Breathe!

Hey Nineteen would like to add that ‘Give A Little More‘ is also underrated.

HN: Favourite gig of last year?

LC: Playing in Cleethorpes with our good friends MINT at Beachcomber for a big hometown show of theirs.

HN: What’s next for Citrus Heights?

LC: More new music, more shows, tour, festivals and world domination.

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Follow Citrus Heights here.


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