Dua Lipa definitively gives no fucks on ‘IDGAF’ – Review


By Jack

Dua Lipa – Pop Saviour – has given us another insight into her barnstorming self-titled debut with a new video for ‘IDGAF’.

Dua Lipa did not lack attitude but ‘IDGAF’ was definitely the moment of peak sass. When performed live, the track was accompanied by a public service announcement asking audience members to extend their middle finger and exorcise the fuckboys from their lives. That’s certainly a bipartisan policy if we ever did hear one.

Dua rode the fuckboy-bashing even further with her massive hit ‘New Rules’ and the social media phenomenon that exploded around it. However the video for ‘IDGAF’ conspicuously lacks any men. That’s a stylistic choice given the song is explicitly a one-sided conversation with an unworthy boy.

Instead Dua sings the song to…herself. Which certainly makes for a more interesting visual which plays with the unrest and indecision one feels on attempting a breakup. It’s a neat dramatization of the inner monologue of the breaker-upper, and any confusion in the message is fixed through the sheer power of loud trouser suits.

It’s another great song from a great performer so, if for any reason you are yet to get on the Dua train…better late than never.

Read our live review of Dua’s latest tour here.

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