The Men tease new album on ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ – Review

untitled 2

By Jack

Veteran punk act The Men have a new album Drift out in March – and today they provided a taste of what to expect. ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ is a descent into the depths of experimental punk.

‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ is a slow-burner, simmering over four minutes of churning synths. A harsh metallic quality sets a lurid tone of menace, the riffs so lathered in distortion that they blend completely with the other instrumentation.

Discordant yelps of keys and synths plus the whisper-shout vocals blend so thoroughly as to be almost inseparable. The Men present as an impenetrable mist, a foggy blend of Post-Punk and Industrial Blues.

‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ takes the beat-driven indie sound of fellow New Yorkers Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the conspiratorial tone of Robbie Robertson’s ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’. ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ is a fantastic lead, and we can’t wait to hear more from Drift.

Drift released March 2nd via Sacred Bones Records


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