Vast Hill’s cover of ‘Last Christmas’ is a festive treat


By Jack

There’s a secret alchemy at work in Wham!’s timeless hit ‘Last Christmas’. It may sound like an unfinished demo with no discernible instrumentation whatsoever, but there is magic contained within. George Michael is able to do what all great pop stars do – inhabit their stories in a tangible way. The chorus of ‘Last Christmas’ is heartbreak.

That doesn’t mean the track is beyond the odd retouch. Yesterday we heralded this stylish re-working, and now synthwave act Vast Hill have thrown their hat in the ring.

We’ve followed Vast Hill for a little while – their collab this year with Jordan F (he’s essentially our best mateThe Win EP – was a favourite over the summer. Their preference for ’80s soundscapes is a perfect fit for this remix. Sugar sweet vocals, some slight guitar effects, and a stiff drum machine all sound fantastic. Crucially, that perfect chorus is preserved.

Vast Hill are from Sydney, meaning their Christmas looks a bit like this:


So it’s extra special then that they were able to find enough festive feeling to put together this cracker.

Picture courtesy of Travel Scavenger.

Follow Vast Hill here.

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