Hot Shit: Little Hustle’s ‘Wipe That Face Off Your Head’


By Alex

Agh, people are bad. Don’t they just piss you right off? Don’t you wish a big fuck-off asteroid would just wipe them all off this horrid little planet? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all just piss off? Horrible little gremlins, those people, those nasty little air-wasters. Mouth-breathing fakers. Bloody posers, all of them. Why don’t they all just fuck right off?

But those aren’t my words. They’re (sort of) the words of New York rock band Little Hustle on their spiky new track ‘Wipe That Face Off Your Head’. You don’t have to read too far between the lines to realise they’re basically just telling us all to eat a dick.

On their prickly new track, Little Hustle are in no mood to tolerate your bullshit. They’re done with fakes and phonies, tired of their co-workers and their boss. “Everything you are is not what you say,” bellows frontwoman Rebecca Keith, her voice reminiscent of the razor sharp shriek of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O. There are shades of the fellow New Yorkers in the track’s post-punk arrangement too, the jagged guitar riffs harking back to the band’s fervent first album.

‘Wipe That Face Off Your Head’ builds like the tried frustration that starts with the morning commute and ends with the fist-clenching rage of missing your train home. It sizzles with a tangible disdain before boiling over, erupting in a shatter of boisterous drums and barbed guitar. ‘Wipe That Face Off Your Head’ follows the more mellow ‘Hall Of Gems‘ as the band’s second single with a full album due out next year. We can only hope Little Hustle refrain from bludgeoning their coworkers to death in the meantime and get those finishing touches done ASAP.



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