‘Beat Up’ – Late Night Legacy – Review


By Jack

Late Night Legacy are the often shirtless Yorkshire based funk-rockers who we spoke to earlier this year. Now they have new material in the pipeline, and we’re hyped all over again.

‘Beat Up’ recalls the Red Hot Chilli Peppers circa ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ – a raucous, riff-happy track that relies heavily on the fret skills of guitarist Robert Orange. Closer to hard-rock than the snappy ‘I’m an Eagle’ released earlier this year, this is a ramshackle and high-energy track that plays to the band strengths.

LNL take their inspirations from all over the place, but in the end ‘Beat Up’ slots in somewhere between ‘Suck My Kiss’ by the Chillis and Spin Doctors’ ‘Two Princes’. Far from the Gallagher-aping sound which abounds amongst young guitar bands, LNL have wider scope – and this allows for more creativity.

beat up 2

Frontman Ryan Kitto has the range and style of a grunge singer, and can yarl with the best of them. It’s a perfect fit for the tone and adds to the personality of Late Night Legacy.

‘Beat Up’ is essentially an extended jam session, and while there is some structure, the track relies on unrelenting pace and unexpected twists and turns in the instrumentation. When the beat drops out of the track, only to crash in amongst the wail of police sirens, it’s genuinely exhilarating.

We can’t wait for more.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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