Hot Shit: Candid’s ‘Breathless’


By Jack

Coventry four-piece Candid are tapping into the monochromatic sounds of post-punk on their excellent new single ‘Breathless’.

Taking the pummelling pace of early-day White Lies, while adding a spiky riff and expressive vocals, Candid have hit on a winning formula.

‘Breathless’ feels contemporary and is in keeping with indie rock’s current disposition towards moody noirish soundscapes. However it serves as a call back to the late ’70s and early ’80s, where post-punk was beginning to phase into new wave.

This makes for a polished radio-ready song, but one with enough grit to justify its indie rock credentials.

The stark black-and-white visuals may be old hat, but hey, if it worked for Unknown Pleasures

We’ll be keeping an eye trained on Coventry.

Follow Candid here.

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