Thaw your frozen heart with Carmody’s ‘The Ways Of Your Love’

By Alex

I have never understood the expression ‘warm the cockles of your heart’. It’s an archaic  phrase that’s rarely used by anyone who isn’t your nan, and it will probably fall out of use altogether before long. But it’s sort of a shame. Because as weird as the phrase is, there are some things that, regardless of whether you understand it or not, do just warm the cockles of your heart.

Carmody’s new track, the soothing ‘The Ways Of Your Love’ is one such example. You don’t have to know what cockles are to know the South Londoner is making them warmer.

A comforting embrace of soulful folk-pop, ‘The Ways Of Your Love’ is an enchanting, hypnotic track that zooms in on the micro-feelings of falling in love. “Like electric down my belly / The dizzy in my wine,” Carmody sings, her wistful vocals building to a steady crescendo as the track unfurls in a bloom of orchestral strings.

‘The Ways Of Your Love’ feels like a blanket, enveloping the listener in its fuzzy embrace. It suggests safety and familiarity, creating a space where there’s room for nothing but love. The love here feels oddly foreign, Carmody unsure what to make of the feelings awakening in her, and her reaction is sometimes more academic than emotional, considering these new feelings as a scientist would consider a new species of toad. “My words collect in lines for you / Still hard to define,” she croons, at once intrigued and optimistic. But when the final chorus hits in a solid wave of euphoria, there’s no room for thinking, Carmody handing herself over to love entirely.

For reference, cockles are the chambers of the heart. At the risk of having some sort of myocardial infarction, let Carmody warm them up this winter with her enchanting new track.


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