Alayna finds ‘Bliss’ on gorgeous new single

By Alex

For every song about the joys of being in love, there must be a thousand about the opposite. Why is it that heartbreak always takes precedence over happiness? Perhaps it’s down to superstition. Being happy in love is a fragile enough state without writing a pop song to jinx it even more. Thankfully though, there are some willing to take the risk.

Alayna is one such daredevil, unfurling wave after wave of sheer joy on her silky new track ‘Bliss’.

Born in New Zealand and now living in New York, Alayna is a striking talent in a sea of RnB posers. ‘Bliss’ is a track that shimmers with lush percussive beats and sleepy echoes, wrapping you in a sonic cocoon where everything feels safe and warm. “I wanted to find a way to articulate the personal, intimate feeling of being completely at ease,” Alayna says. “‘Bliss’ feels like pure, real love.”

And she’s not wrong. ‘Bliss’ is a soothing, intimate track, womblike even, encapsulating the feeling of complete comfort. There is no urgency here, no doubt or anxiety, just the lullaby sound of Alayna’s rippling vocals unravelling like a big comfy blanket. It’s hard to decide whether ‘Bliss’ is the sound of falling asleep in the arms of a loved one sometime in the early hours, or the sound of the morning after, awakening to find them still there. Perhaps it’s both. Either way, ‘Bliss’ shows Alayna on top form, flexing her RnB muscles on this effortless slice of quiet euphoria.


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