The Soft Moon battles with desire on ‘It Kills’

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By Alex

Steely industrial sounds abound on the latest release by The Soft Moon, the Berlin-based musician with a penchant for forging metallic, shape-shifting tracks with a razor sharp edge. On new single ‘It Kills’, The Soft Moon (real name Luis Vasquez), unleashes a clash of electronic noise rock, taking elements of techno, post-punk and synth-pop, melting them down and blending them together to create a hypnotic, disorienting buzz.

‘It Kills’ comes from what Vasquez describes as “A continual battle with the conscience.” It’s a battle that manifests itself in glitchy electronica, repetitive riffs and a fog of static, all layered over one another while Vasquez’s distant vocals float over the bleak, hellish landscape from above. “[The track] represents my constant struggle with making the same mistakes in order to feed my desires,” Vasquez says, adding that it was part inspired by the William Blake quote: “Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained”.

There’s little restraint to be found here though, The Soft Moon channelling his frustration and desire into a track that hums with frantic passion and electric energy. On ‘It Kills’, The Soft Moon doesn’t just show you his ‘constant struggle’, he makes you feel it too.


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