Hot Shit: Peggy Sue’s ‘Slow Fade’

By Alex

There are a lot of things you want to last for ages. Weekends. Orgasms. Episodes of Stranger Things. And then there are things you’d like to be over as quickly as possible. Injections. The daily commute. Probing questions from your mom. Heartbreak. It’s this last one in particular that’s so difficult to speed up, often feeling like the more you try, the more it digs its greedy talons into your skull, refusing to let up. While you know an injection, commute and conversation with your mom about whether he’s your boyfriend or just a ‘friend with benefits’ will eventually be over, heartbreak feels like it will last a lifetime.

But, as London-via-Brighton duo Peggy Sue have learnt, heartbreak just has to run its course. On their latest track, their first in three years, Peggy Sue wait for the pain to slowly fade.

‘Slow Fade’ is part instruction manual and part personal experience. “Don’t go trying to rush ahead,” sings Katy Young over a jangle of sunny guitar, preaching the benefits of taking things slowly. Rather than try and speed up the healing process, according to Peggy Sue, the best thing to do is just wait for it to pass. “‘Slow Fade’ is about letting it take its time,” Young says, “partly because you don’t really have a choice and partly because a bit of me wanted to make that pretty sadness last as long as I could.”

In ‘Slow Fade’, it’s this ‘pretty sadness’ that prevails. It’s in the apathetic tone of the verses coupled with the flowery blooms of electric guitar, the melancholy lilt of the track’s rhythm and the gentle dip of the chorus. What Peggy Sue have learnt first-hand is that while you can’t speed up heartbreak, you can find beauty in it. On their new track, the duo are happy to lie back and let time run its course, basking in the beautiful ache of heartbreak, safe in the knowledge it won’t last forever.


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