Hot Shit: Conflare’s ‘New York’


By Jack

It’s been a while since we checked in with Yorkshire’s finest, but Conflare are doing well. With each new song they sound better – and new single ‘New York’ is their best yet.

The chorus on this song is absolute gold (hence the colour gradient) and is the sort of memorable refrain that makes for pop-punk greatness. It’s bolstered by a solid riff and most importantly, a cow bell.

It’s familiar territory, but with each song Conflare tighten up, the riffs hit harder, the choruses stick in your brain that little bit longer. The video makes good use of black and gold, the band performing behind a curtain of fairy lights like they’re trapped in one of Zoella’s unboxing videos. It’s a notable step-up on the A/V front, capturing the energy of the bridge with a classy split-screen vignette. Keep it coming guys.

Conflare play the Belgrave Music Hall on the 29th, Tickets here.


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