Flight Facilities are back in the air with ‘Stranded’ – Review


By Jack

The Australian DJ duo Flight Facilities have returned, with Reggie Watts, Broods & Saro in tow, on the massive, multi-part comeback single ‘Stranded’.

Suggesting a more sombre tone than the dizzy Down To Earth, ‘Stranded’ calls upon a darkly funky bassline and commanding vocal performances, especially from long-time collaborator Reggie Watts.

‘Stranded’ simmers slowly, building in sound before an explosive free-form finale. It sounds very different to the cheery, catchy pop tunes we’ve come to expect. This is a tantalising taster of what awaits us on FF’s next LP.

‘Stranded’ is a soulful, ambitious return from one of the hottest acts on the House circuit.

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