Hot Shit: Ashe’s ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’


By Jack

Ashe, the musical guise of Ashlyn Wilson, has been slowly building her glitchy alt-pop sound for a little while, but new track ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’ serves as something of a departure. Built around a hooky riff and pounding kick-drum, this is more direct and mean sounding than anything she’s released.

Recalling the baddassery of Nico Vega’s ‘Beast’ and the precise riffs of Battles, this is an alt-rock behemoth. And while much of the song’s power comes from its bluntness, there is impressive nuance. Some folky strumming and arch drawl of antipathy, makes you think Sheryl Crow circa ‘Maybe Angels’, whilst the string ensconced pre-chorus drips with Bond theme intrigue.

If these references suggest an indebted sound, this is not that. Ashe sounds fresh and exciting, and this clash of alt-rock muscle and lo-fi electronic rumbling makes for a truly memorable sound.

In a week where it was revealed that basically every middle aged man in Hollywood is a massive sex pervert, few songs could be more appropriate.

Get spinning.

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