Galaxy – Dannii Minogue – Review

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By Alex

It’s a sad truth that when one hears the word ‘Minogue’, ‘Dannii’ is never the first name to spring to mind. For the last few years, Dannii has been better known for her successful TV career than her music, which fizzled out around 2007 after a string of dance singles. But a decade after her last album and her defining banger ‘I Begin To Wonder’, Dannii Minogue is giving the music biz another go. We saw glimmers of this last year with Dannii’s collab with her sister (I won’t name her because let’s see if we can go a whole article about Dannii without mentioning the K-word), on her Christmas album. Then came the electro-dance of ‘Holding On’, a collaboration with Jason Heerah (of X Factor Australia fame), which actually isn’t half as bad as it sounds.

But ‘Galaxy’ marks Dannii’s first proper solo single in ten years. A glittery pop anthem, it’s a gay bar banger because, let’s face it, Dannii knows her audience.

Dannii sounds best either when she’s autotuned to shit (in a glam, sci-fi robot kind of way, not like a Katie Price way) or murmuring sex-lyrics in her low, velvety purr. We get a little of that purring on ‘Galaxy’, with Minogue sounding sensual and seductive on the verses before breaking into something a bit more bombastic for the chorus. The trouble is, Minogue’s voice doesn’t quite fill the space the chorus offers, at times sounding more like a backing track than the main attraction.

‘Galaxy’ offers some 80s disco vibes with its chorus propelled by thunking piano chords, but these become jarring quickly, sounding unoriginal and tired, making ‘Galaxy’ feel formulaic and insipid. Though it’s a fun little bop, and would definitely sound at least a bit euphoric after a few alcopops, in the cold light of day, it feels like something a low-quality producer knocked together on their tea break. Worse still, there are glimmers of K***e in just about every aspect of the song, from the colourful pop production to Dannii’s Australian twang. Undoubtedly, though, KM would demand something a bit more than an uninspired gay club throwback, whereas Dannii doesn’t quite have the authority to do so. Still, Dannii sounds like she’s having a pretty good time on her comeback track and, at the end of the day, isn’t that really all that matters?


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