Hot Shit: Henry Green’s ‘Stay Here’

By Alex

Sometimes I think I should stop listening to music made by people younger than me because, frankly, it isn’t good for my self esteem. At just 22 years old, Henry Green is a singer, songwriter and producer, as well as the owner of some quite nice specs I’d like to know where he bought. However he’s also the owner of some hefty existential anxiety, but then again, aren’t we all.

Green’s new track, the hushed ‘Stay Here’, is a rumination on feeling directionless and lost. As someone currently wondering whether to have a mince pie for dinner, I get where he’s coming from.

Developed between Berlin and Green’s native Bristol, ‘Stay Here’ is a delicate, weightless track that shivers with palatable emotion. Beginning with a muted, barely-there arrangement, it slowly builds to something a little more fleshed out, side-stepping away from the desolation of the introduction into warmer territory. The quiet frustration remains, but it’s hued with a shade of optimism.

‘Stay Here’ is little more than a whisper, an echo of a sensation communicated in electronic ripples and trembling micro-percussion. There’s the feeling that at any moment, the entire arrangement may fall apart, crumbling like paper turning to ash, leaving Green naked and exposed. But it doesn’t. On ‘Stay Here’, Green encapsulates a familiar feeling of aimlessness with the confidence and prowess of a pro.


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