Hot Shit: Gulp’s ‘Morning Velvet Sky’

By Alex

I saw the new Blade Runner film recently. I fell asleep twice, but that was more because I was tired than because it was a bad film. Actually, it was pretty good. Something that I thought was weird, though, was the soundtrack. Given the film was set in the year 2049, it felt incongruous that the only music the characters listened to was from the distant past. I mean, I know it’s hard to guess what people will be listening to in 32 years time, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be Elvis Presley.

In lieu of creating anything new, Denis Villeneuve should have just given Gulp a call. Their newest track is a juddering synth outing that feels distinctly futuristic, though admittedly it might be a little too upbeat for Villeneuve’s bleak dystopian vision.

The brainchild of Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven, Gulp have already released one album (2014’s Season Sun) and are now putting the finishing touches to their second. ‘Morning Velvet Sky’ is a promising introduction to new music. A cascade of colourful synth flourishes, it pairs a riveting beat with Leven’s soft vocals to create a track that’s distinctly poppy but with a strange, supernal underbelly. There’s something oddly alien to be found in the pristine synth set-up, and listening to its hypnotic rhythm, it’s easy to imagine you’ve accidentally tuned into some otherworldly radio station where every track is as effortlessly joyful as this one.

‘Morning Velvet Sky’ is a shimmering, forward-facing pop track that emits a quiet positivity, as though glimmers of optimism have been coded into every beat. It might be a little too perky for Blade Runner, but even if the world has turned into a yellow-hued hellscape by 2049, I’d still want to dance to this.


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