‘If You Want To Make Money’ – Will Joseph Cook – Review


By Jack

Will Joseph Cook has cut a new track off the back of sugary debut Sweet Dreamer.

‘If You Wanna Make Money’ informs us again of Will’s natural ability to carve out quirky, memorable choruses out of appealing and danceable pop.

Unlike the personal songs on Sweet Dreamer this is a song with a cause. ‘If You Wanna Make Money’ is aimed at the ever-swelling ranks of faux-inspirational lifestyle bloggers based in LA. The Paul brothers and their ilk of fabulously rich and unbelievably thick-headed vloggers. The kind of people responsible for the term ‘influencer’; which is a term so risible it makes me feel ill just typing it.

They are certainly a worthy target, and while Will never goes for the jugular, he succeeds in getting a few well placed jabs across. A “Fiji water protest song” is exactly right.

Check out the track below.

Read our interview with Will here

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