WTH is with this Chainsmokers poster?


By Jack

I was scrolling through Twitter today minding my own business before clamping eyes on this monstrosity. Is H.R. Geiger knocking up PR for the Chainsmokers these days?

Last time we checked The Chainsmokers made mopey shite music. An appropriate image to advertise their upcoming live extravaganza might have been:


Or perhaps just a blank piece of paper. Something sufficiently nondescript. Not cel-shaded ultraviolence.

Of course it looks just like the cover to American Idiot. We don’t really need to link to that, do we? Clearly a much better cover anyways.

I appreciate their drippy, emotional music is perfect fodder for drippy, emotional teens. And those sorts of people are all over the Emo scene.

So cribbing poster art from Mayday Parade might make some sense, I guess?


I probably have better things to do so I’m going to leave it there. I might be needed somewhere. I’ve been needed before.

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