OUTLAND London – Live Review

OUTLAND 1920x1080 spacemaster

By Jack

OUTLAND promised a lot – movie screening, live music, retro thrills and perhaps even a broadening of the synthwave scene itself. Certainly there was some intention on the part of the organisers to bring synthwave to a wider audience.

The Grand proved an excellent spot for an event with such variety. Expansive enough to accommodate a movie viewing, but with a large enough stage to accommodate performance.

Seeing Drive on the big screen is always incredible – particularly having an audience alongside for the increasingly violent second act.

The performers too were clearly up for it, and brought with them some amazing visuals – Sunglasses Kid in particular. It was a night of stellar synthwave talent – Neon Lines being the only act whose sound did not entirely gel with the glitzy 80s sound.

The night seemed to be running behind schedule too – Drive started later than scheduled, and as a result by 1:00am we still had not seen the headliner Timecop1983.

OUTLAND delivered on it’s promise of retro fun, as well as bringing the Drive soundtrack and synth music to a wider audience. Several people I spoke to, who loved the Drive sound, were unaware of the larger synth scene.

Hopefully OUTLAND will be back next year.

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