Rae Morris hints at ambitious new sound at Belgrave Music Hall


By Jack

Rae Morris is out on a short tour previewing material from her new album due out later this year. At her Leeds show, Morris played a varied set that suggested a shiny, ambitious, synth-led new direction.


As the Rae Morris band take to the stage clad in matching ath-leisure gear, looking set for the ellipticals rather than the stage, the audience are already toasty. The support had been solid. The retro soul of Celeste, who joins Morris at all dates, felt well at home.

Opening with ‘Morne Fortuné’, now charged with heavy synthetic bass, and closing with emphatic new single ‘Do It’, Rae Morris played a sweeping, powerful set.

Rae’s voice is the foundation, and hearing her live again only reinforces how unique her style is. Smoky yet crystal clear, vulnerable yet booming, wounded yet triumphant, it is a depthful and gorgeous evocation of pop drama.

If she wanted, Morris could have just sat herself down at the piano and played fourteen songs; go down the singer-songwriter route. However it is impressive to see her seeking a more complex and challenging style, bringing in a talented band who sit behind the drums and a wall of synthesisers.

There are two drummers on stage, one at the kit and the other on the pads. Whilst this does produce a slightly bottom-heavy sound, it again hints at the willingness on the part of Morris to broaden her sound and allow greater creativity in the translation from record to live settings.

Rae Morris is the most exciting young talent in the country, and her sweeping live show of articulate, personal pop only emphasises the point.

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