Greedy Soul – Liam Gallagher – Review

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By Alex

So far, Liam Gallagher’s solo tracks can be split into two categories. There are the Oasis-esque ballads that position Gallagher as a romantic soul seeking redemption (‘Chinatown‘, ‘For What It’s Worth‘) and then there’s the snarling, bluesy rock that characterised first single ‘Wall Of Glass‘. ‘Greedy Soul’, the fourth track taken from Gallagher’s upcoming album As You Were, belongs firmly in the latter camp.

A dirty, scuzzy guitar riff tells us we’re back in rock territory, Gallagher seemingly having had enough of the nostalgic ballads. The whining electric guitar coupled with the Americana-tinged riff is similar to ‘Wall Of Glass’, but there’s something wilder and more chaotic about ‘Greedy Soul’ that makes for a more fulfilling listen. There are even shades of early noughties PJ Harvey in the repetitive, thumping guitar line, Gallagher sounding at ease commanding a big arrangement that even includes a brass section for the chorus.

‘Greedy Soul’ is pretty vitriolic for a man whose last track was an apology for being kind of an asshole. He seems stuck in a cycle of picking fights and subsequently apologising for them, but it’s a cycle that’s been in motion since the early nineties and one he’s unlikely to break now. And he’s pretty good at crafting a convincing diss track, even if it’s not clear exactly who he’s dissing. I mean, it’s probably Noel, but does it even matter any more?

So far, each one of Liam’s solo releases has been way better than anyone could have expected from the lesser-talented Gallagher. ‘Greedy Soul’ is a stonking, uproarious track full of clout and attitude, a rasping rock tune that sets the mood for what’s shaping up to be a pretty fine solo album.


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