Sexy Dirty Love – Demi Lovato – Review

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By Alex

Demi Lovato is still searching for the track that will transform her from former Disney Channel darling to bona fide pop superstar. Though she’s had a stream of hits, none of them have truly established her as a serious pop talent in the same vein as major players like Katy, Rihanna and Gaga. For all her efforts, Lovato remains a second-tier pop star, at least outside of the US.

The third track to be released from her upcoming sixth album, ‘Sexy Dirty Love’ is another snatch of clipped electro-pop, a stylish but faceless cut from what’s shaping up to be an underwhelming record.

Despite its tight, snappy production, ‘Sexy Dirty Love’ lacks just about everything that makes for a good pop tune. A grating, featureless drone of vapid electro-percussion coupled with Lovato’s typically anonymous vocals makes for an alienating and unfulfilling listen – something that has plagued many of Lovato’s previous tracks. Her voice has none of the character of, say, fellow ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus, sounding doctored and manufactured when backed by lazy, unimaginative electro beats.

From listening to ‘Sexy Dirty Love’, you also get the distinct sense that Lovato is altogether unfamiliar with the concepts of both love and sex. She sounds detached and unbothered throughout, going through the motions required of a boring pop nothing such as this. There is no sexiness to be found here, and Lovato’s assertion that she’s “dreaming ‘bout that sexy dirty love” makes her sound like a fourteen-year-old trying to impress her equally unsexed pals.

All in all, ‘Sexy Dirty Love’ is a deeply unsatisfying bit of pap that would struggle to find its place as an album track, never mind a promo song designed to whet our appetites for a full album. Lacking tune, character, flair and any likeability, this is a real dud from Lovato, pop’s determined try-hard.


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