Our Guide to OUTLAND London

OUTLAND 1920x1080 spacemaster

By Jack

With just a week to go till OUTLAND London opens its doors to the synth-loving public, we take a look at the biggest synthwave event of the year.


Where would synthwave be without Drive? It doesn’t bear thinking about, and Nicholas Winding-Refn’s neon-lit masterpiece will be screening at OUTLAND.

Doors open at 7:00pm, with last admittance being 7.30. All being well the film will begin at 7.45. Plenty of time to perfect your stony Gosling expression.

giphy (32)


There will be an intermission after the screening before ‘A Moment in Time with GUNSHIP’ at 9.25pm. This is being kept fairly under-wraps but one assumes it will be a rundown of GUNSHIP’s music, something we are all for. That debut album was a screamer.


OUTLAND promises ‘retro cocktails’ including ‘Deckard’s Cocktail’ and ‘Tannhauser Blue’. The precise make-up of these drinks is being kept a secret. Is Deckard a replicant? What’s in the retro cocktails? Some questions should never be answered.

giphy (29)


There are some fantastic synth artists playing throughout the night.

These are, in order:

80’s Stallone (9.55pm)

NINA (10.25pm)

Sunglasses Kid (10.55pm)

Neon Lines (11.40pm)

Timecop 1983 (12.30am)


OUTLAND promises some fairly bangin’ merchandise. From the artist tables as well as some retro bling (that shutter-sun Star Wars tee though…) there should be plenty for those wanting to pick up some retro wares.



OUTLAND is shaping up to be a tonne of Reagan-era fun and you can follow up to date announcements here.

OUTLAND is at the Clapham Grand on Friday 29th. Tickets here.

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