‘It Made Me Want to Learn to Dance’ – Rae Morris talks new music


By Jack

Blackpool may be an unlikely kindling for raw talent (despite what Blackpool Grime Media will have you believe). However former resident Rae Morris stands as one of the most exciting young talents in the country.

Her debut album Unguarded was the best album released that year; a demonstration of outstanding pop song craft. We have eagerly awaited Rae’s next move which arrived earlier this year in the form of ‘Reborn’.

Taking time off from her tour prep, Rae was kind enough to answer our questions.

1. How did you come to write ‘Reborn’?

“Reborn came about one day in the small studio room in Fryars’ flat in south London. We started with the electronic riff that you hear at the beginning and built everything up from that.”

“It felt monumental straight away and had this fresh energy I hadn’t felt before. I loved that it had an almost Europop vibe. We must have had it on loop for hours – it was as though it could go on forever.”

2. ‘Reborn’ has an eerie 80s feel to it – a John Carpenter sort of vibe – particularly in your acoustic performance of the track. Did it begin life as one type of song and then develop into another?

“As the melody and lyrics start to appear, the energy always changes and the music and story merge together. I had to sit at the piano and learn an acoustic version because it’d never been realised that way. It’s actually a wonderful process, re-imagining the song again in a new format; it’s almost like remixing.”

3. What can we expect from the new album?

“The album is coming early 2018 and is vibrant and colourful. Making it was a really joyous experience and every song has retained a piece of the energy of that time. It’s fun in places, sad in places, sexy in places. It made me want to learn to dance.”

4. We absolutely loved your debut album – and while our favourite track was ‘Cold’ – which track from that album are you most proud of?

“Thank you 🙂 ‘Cold’ is also a favourite of mine … but it always changes. ‘For You’ is very dear to me. It was one of the first songs I ever wrote and it’s almost like an old friend I sometimes visit and catch up with. That’s a lovely warm, welcoming feeling.”

5. Some songs in your repertoire were written when you were just a teenager – is it strange carrying these songs on and hearing them in new contexts?

“It’s quite fascinating listening back. You can definitely hear the naivety in my voice and writing. I like it though. They’re sometimes a little embarrassing but I also miss that purity and lack of context; I was just doing what came naturally, complete freedom! It’s hard to keep hold of that spark as you grow up and have experienced more.”

Rae is on tour later this month, tickets here.

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