If you see just one gig, catch MY BABY on their wild UK tour


By Jack

We’ve seen a lot of gigs in our time. If there were a corresponding body part related to attending gigs, it’d be callused beyond belief. As such we are fairly hard to impress. MY BABY’s show in April sticks out as one of the best live performances of the year.

MY BABY are ostensibly a blues band, turbo-charged with a stomping pace and touches of electro-clash. That may sound kitsch, but the results particularly in performance, are exhilarating. Imagine what B.B. King would have played if he was really into the dark arts.

On their day the dutch/ NZ trio are a muscular, precise musical machine and a joy to behold in concert. Swampy funk, distorted and twisted into compulsive Rock & Roll. Rabble rousers like ‘Uprising’ and ‘Seeing Red’ are easy highlights.

The Dutch band are touring throughout September and October. If you like Live music – come along. It’s a riot.

Tickets for MY BABY here. Read our interview with the band here.

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