‘DO IT’ – Rae Morris – Review


By Jack

The all-caps title: a sure-fire deceleration of intent. Rae Morris made her comeback earlier this year with ‘Reborn’, but this is surely her rebirth proper. On ‘DO IT’, Rae plunges her hand into the grab-bag of current pop trends; and comes out with a fist of gold dust.

Her debut album is full of great pop tunes, but none like this. ‘DO IT’ is truly infectious, the kind of tune that through a mix of melody and timeliness is simply irrepressible. If the world is sane, and it may well not be, this should be a Radio 1 -Lister.

It may be a concession to the mainstream, but it’s surely a worthy venture. It is built around the humming lo-fi arrangement that ‘Lean On’ made fashionable, with humming synths and plunging synthetic bass. Rae remains the focal point, and her singing and lyricism are as intricate and idiosyncratic as ever.

I suspect most of the focus will fall on the video, for good reason. Simple travel-vlog stuff on the surface, the video is virtuoso blend of arty impressionism and candid hand-held honesty. The line between choreography and serendipity is blurred. It may be the greatest travel vid to star a singing dog.

‘DO IT’ is zesty, revitalising post-summer pop.

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