‘R.O.S.E. Confessional / Think About That’ – Jessie J – Review


By Jack

Double reviews are generally tacky and bad, but then we are talking about Jessie J. When in Rome and all that.

I’m not sure if ‘R.O.S.E. Confessional’ is even a song. It could be a spoken word piece I suppose. Perhaps the opener to R.O.S.E., Jessie’s latest creative effort, which some outlets have called a ‘mini-album’. So….an EP then? Illiterate fuckers.

It’s Jessie J explaining the minutiae of every tiny decision that led to her new look and sound. Imagine if Lemonade came with a helpful pamphlet that described in detail what a scoundrel husband Jay-Z was.

You know most artists, when they want to communicate something in their music…well, the clue is right there. ‘In’ the music. You really need to spell it out? Did ‘Tears in Heaven’ come with liner notes on residential building regulation?

Jessie J says she needs music, and wants to get back to the real her.

Art, emotion, lyrics, music, feeling is what I need to survive.”

And oxygen. But mostly art.

Of which Jessie J has made conspicuously little of. Jessie J is one of the biggest hacks on the pop circuit, gleefully swallowing whatever wad of unremitting dreck is flung at her by trendy producer du-jour. She’s taken many guises and they’ve all been fucking terrible.

What’s more, it isn’t like she moved away from her roots, as the eye-rolling vid, in which Jessie preens like a five year old clomping about in her sisters heels, seems to suggest. Her first single ‘Do It Like A Dude’ is also her worst, a reminder of how easily trash proliferated in the early ’10s.

If Jessie is done with the hack life and wants to make something genuine, then all credit to her. ‘Think About That’, despite the odd lyrical clanger, isn’t a terrible song. Restrained, jazzy, sophisticated, and oddly reminiscent of Melanie Di Biasio. Jessie J is going for woke, and while I wish her the best of luck, she has a lot of debris to clear.

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