MALKA sticks to political pop on ‘No No No’

Photo by Anita Gohil

By Alex

Earlier this year, MALKA told us we could expect politics to play a role in any upcoming material. “I am quite a political person,” she said after the release of her Trump-inspired track ‘Fell For You‘. With its carefree lilt coupled with MALKA’s naturally easy-going vocals, it was unlike traditional political songs, favouring fuck-it resignation over take-to-the-streets determination. In an age where the President is goading North Korea into nuclear war via Twitter, it felt like a fitting approach.

Now, MALKA is back with new release ‘No No No’. Like ‘Fell For You’, the track is a laid back affair, the seriousness of its lyrics masked by chirpy horns and a catchy refrain. But if politics has taught us anything, it’s that a catchy soundbite is all it takes to get a message across.

‘No No No’ is an apocalypse song disguised as a dance track. Or perhaps it’s better to say it’s both. With its references to a monster with “bright burning eyes” as well as its plea for a messiah-like figure to appear and make all the awfulness disappear, it conjures up images of a fantasy land that, upon very little inspection, it turns out is our own.

MALKA (real name Tamara Schlesinger), channels the despair of a rational-thinking society, watching as things fall apart while trying to keep up a cheery veneer, attempting to create distance between reality and horror by viewing the whole thing as an entertaining spectacle. The result is a contradictory but immensely fun listen. Because when everything is going to shit, the least we can do is dance, right?

Malka’s upcoming album Ratatatat will be released October 20th via Tantrum Records.


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