‘Little Thing Gone Wild’ – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Review


By Jack

If BRMC were to throw the towel in now, no one could blame them. Their drummer Leah Shapiro had life saving brain surgery in 2015. The father of member Robert Been, who had toured with the band for years, died suddenly. Meanwhile, rock music continued it’s long, protracted move away from noise-pop that had so fascinated it in the early-mid 00s. However, returned they have, and we are all the better for it.

‘Little Thing Gone Wild’ is classic BRMC; elaborately layered distortion. The guitars, bass, vocals grind against one another in a jangling cacophony. At the heart of the sound is the aggressive bass playing of Been, whose love of grunge is clear, as well as the disaffected slurring voice of Peter Hayes.

It’s more groove-based and less melodic than the pensive Spectre at the Feast. ‘LTGW’ takes us back to the raucous, filthy sound on which the band found fame with songs like ‘Spread Your Love’ and ‘Red Eyes & Tears’. We cannot wait to hear more from the noisy LA band.

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