‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ – Sam Smith – Review


By Jack

I’m way too good at goodbyes” goes the refrain on Sam Smith’s comeback single. Firstly, that’s some fucking explosive word-play right there. Secondly, this clearly isn’t true.

I think we all hoped after that Spectre song that Smith would bid us farewell. But here he is, back for more. I’d say you’re actually pretty fucking bad at goodbyes.

The track is a notable improvement. TGaG has some swing, some forward momentum that was missing entirely from much of the singer’s plodding, flimsy pop of yore. There’s a groove, harmonies, a simplistic Motown riff. This song is not awful and that is something to be treasured.

The problem is with Smith himself. I assume someone somewhere thinks he has the voice of an angel. Sam Smith sings like an eight year old with a stuffy nose.

It’s so distracting that it’s hard to even focus on what he is saying. It’s like trying to follow what your date is saying whilst her nose runs uncontrollably, in Blair Witch levels of spillage, pooling in her ragu at the suburban Italian restaurant you agreed on via Tinder.

We don’t do ratings on this site but I’m confident this is a 5/10. The chorus is pretty good and sounds a bit like ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips. Sam Smith still sings like the mouth-breathing kid from Hey Arnold!.


It’s an improvement but not one dramatic enough to be blowing your skirt up anytime soon.


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