Hot Shit: Bishat’s ‘Under My Skin’

Introducing: Bishat (SWE) - Some Things

By Alex

Whenever someone utters the phrase ‘under my skin’, I’m always reminded of that awful scene in The Mummy. You know the one with the scarab beetles. The bit where this guy is holding one in his hand and then suddenly it burrows into his skin and runs up his arm. And you can just see this dreadful lump under the chap’s skin where the beetle is running around until this other guy gouges it out with a knife. You can relive the whole ghastly experience here if you’re so inclined.

Anyway, it turns out Swedish musician Bishat’s latest track ‘Under My Skin’ isn’t actually about The Mummy or scarab beetles at all. Rather, it’s about some loser dude who’s left checking his phone for missed calls after being given the elbow.

And what a cracking track this is. A triumphant swish of bubbling disco synths and silky vocals, it’s a beautifully produced hook-heavy pop song. The driving rhythm and colourful electronic beats complement Bishat’s soft tone, her pointed lyrics cushioned by her naturally velveteen vocals. When she sings “I know you’re thinking ’bout me,” there’s a quiet confidence, as well as an air of satisfaction. Whoever he is, Bishat’s in no doubt that he’s missing out.

That said, she’s not ready to let go either. Rather, she’s enjoying the sense of control, of having him wait on her. The result is an internal tug of war, Bishat enjoying her newfound dominance while yearning to get her man back. ‘Under My Skin’ is a buoyant, refreshing burst of electro-pop that blooms with a vital, vibrant energy. And by the track’s end, there’s no doubt it will definitely be very much under your skin.



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