Lowkey and Mai Khalil demand justice on ‘Ghosts Of Grenfell’


By Alex

There are still so many questions left unanswered. Where are the missing tenants of Grenfell Tower, the block of flats that was turned into a hellish inferno less than two months ago? How many people really died that night? Why was flammable cladding used? Who allowed it to be used? Who will be charged for cutting corners, ignoring residents’ warnings and turning a blind eye to the 24-storey deathtrap that loomed over Kensington?

London rapper Lowkey demands answers on ‘Ghosts Of Grenfell’, a deeply affecting track that both salutes the bravery of the residents and calls for the government to be held responsible for the preventable disaster. Opening with a spoken word passage that describes the unfurling horror as the fire swept through the building, Lowkey goes on to condemn the political classes who bow to corporate power. Mai Khalil sings the chorus as well as a harrowing verse sung in Arabic – fitting, given that the fire disproportionately affected those from immigrant backgrounds. Before its end, dozens of different voices chime in to name the people still missing since the fire and demand to know where they are.

This is hard-hitting stuff, and Lowkey has put a voice to the anger, frustration and despair of thousands of people still reeling after the fire that devastated not just a community, but a country. Writing a track about such a significant event so soon after it took place was never going to be easy, but Lowkey has captured the mood of a nation that is still impatiently awaiting answers.


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