Lovers EP – PART II – Timecop1983 – Review


By Jack

If you like your synth music warm, balmy and romantic, then you already know Timecop. On his latest EP he continues his Lovers story, which began last July, and this summer romance is still as satisfying.

The EP opens with a shimmering prologue (‘Sky’) which sounds like the theme from The Terminator if instead of trying to murder one another,  Arnie and Sarah Connor fell in love and counted stars from the Griffith Observatory.

This is certainly more of what we got in the first Lovers EP, and if you like that then you will like this too. That means the reverse is true of course, but I have trouble resisting music this sweet and inviting. The essential elements are still there; lo-fi emulated drum machines, oscillating synths and love-lorn, wailing guitars.

As before, the collab with SEAWAVES is the centrepiece of the EP. ‘Girl’ does not have the same punch as ‘Lovers’, but it re-works the same elements into a softer song, which feels like the quiet comedown from that emotional peak.

It’s unclear whether a further episode awaits the Lovers series, but the end of this second EP feels like a breakup. The three final tracks (‘Memories’, ‘Moving On’ & ‘Silent Tears’) give us more of the emotive sound we’ve come to expect from Timecop1983, but end with the distinct feeling that the love affair may be over.

Taken as a set of snapshots or one whole narrative, the Lovers series continues to please. There is no music more closely tuned to the feelings of falling in love, and the fears that come with it. For fans of synthwave  Lovers EP – PART II is an essential listen.

Read our interview with Timecop1983 here.

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