Hot Shit: Man Duo’s ‘What If It Falls’


By Alex

You know those days when you’re sitting alone in your flat, desperately trying to drown out the sound of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ wafting over from Brighton Pride taking place just a few streets over – a party you know you can’t go to because you have to go to work in a few hours and you’ll only spend the whole time counting down the seconds – so instead you put on some music and low-key hope it rains so everyone has a shit time? Well, that.

Anyway, it turns out I’ve stumbled upon a pretty great track to distract yourself from other people having a good time. I mean, it was probably made for the people having a good time, but I’m appropriating it for my own miserable cause. This is Man Duo with ‘What If It Falls’.

Composed of Finnish producers Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Long-Sam, Man Duo’s debut is a frenetic techno-pop track built from skittering beats and restless percussion. ‘What If It Falls’ jitters with a febrile energy, shivering with a persistent, nocturnal rhythm, punctured by gleaming synths as the chorus kicks in. It sounds like the first glimmers of morning after a long, heavy night out, the sun cresting over the horizon as reality begins to set in.

But while the fraught beat of the track suggests something exciting and uninhibited, the lyrics focus on the mundane. “Push-ups, shaving, moisturiser,” comes the repeated, monotonous refrain followed by the droll remark of “crucial moments”. It’s the tension between the two that makes ‘What If It Falls’ such a compelling track, at times apocalyptic, at others, almost sarcastic. On their debut track, the Finnish duo carve out a dystopian soundscape, a vibrating web of microbeats and juddering, pop-infused techno that thrills and unsettles in equal measure.


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