The Sherlocks release trippy ‘Live For The Moment’ video


By Jack

The Sherlocks have released the last video before their debut album drops later this month.

‘Live For The Moment’ finds the band in tuxedos on a beach in Kent, whilst a waifish lady in white escapes a cloud of dark matter and a group of cultists wade into the sea.


The song itself is more of the light-hearted, riff driven rock we’ve come to know and love, although the surreal video throws the lyrics into sharp relief. Apparently when they sing “You never know what’s coming round the corner” they had Kentish Armageddon in mind.

Considering their other videos are all set in pubs and car parks it’s certainly something new.

Their debut album of the same name comes out in just a couple of weeks, and this is just what we need to tide us over.

Debut album Live For The Moment out 18th August.

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