Hot Shit: TOMI’s ‘Alien’


By Alex

If aliens ever decide to pay our horrible little planet a visit and delve into our popular culture, they’ll find a wealth of songs dedicated to them. From Bowie through to Britney, extra terrestrials have long been an inspiration for artists across the musical spectrum. Arguably, we reached peak alien in 2010 when Katy Perry released ‘E.T’, a song that, somewhat inevitably, centred on an encounter in which Perry actually fucked one of the extra terrestrials. It was always going to happen sooner or later.

Fast forward to 2017, and there’s a new track to add to the long list of alien songs. The newest addition comes from British-born American-based singer TOMI with her hypnotic new single ‘Alien’.

‘Alien’ is a driving hum of determined alt-pop, a frenetic ride through echoing drums and dizzying vocal swells. Speaking about the track, TOMI says “I aimed to create a primitive, contained atmosphere that captures the all-consuming distraction of early desire.” With its textured sound richly layered with subtle percussive ticks and clangs, ‘Alien’ makes for an enthralling listen, building to a fraught, frothy conclusion, a minor eruption of emotion and unquenched lust.

Though there is undoubtedly something sexual in the brooding yearn of the bridge and the tight, at times stifling, production, TOMI thankfully avoids the Perry-pitfall of penning a track about wanting to fuck an alien’s brains out. Rather, the alien here is a human being, made foreign by their mystique, with a face that can ‘erase logic’. It’s a muddling and immersive listen that encapsulates the hot, feverish rush of desire, a desire that seems possible to escape only by turning away and running for dear life.


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