Tuesday in Japan! release new track ‘Ghosts’ – Listen


By Jack

Tuesday in Japan! have returned with another indie-folk cut ‘Ghosts’. It carries their distinctive raw, unfiltered sound , last heard on the spectral surf rock of ‘Splashing in the Waves’.

New track ‘Ghosts’ is fittingly spooky, with distant harmonies drifting over an acoustic riff. There’s a heavy atmosphere to the track. Inevitable I suppose: it’s hard to write pop about the afterlife.

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves from time to time. When someone is gone are they truly gone? Would it better to vanish or linger on intangibly? Should we say goodbye or wish they were here still?

It’s a lot to unpack over just two minutes twenty, but it makes for an interesting folk ditty. Check out the track on Soundcloud here.


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