Hot Shit: Miss World’s ‘Buy Me Dinner’


By Alex

Everyone wants different things out of a relationship. For some, it’s companionship. For others, it’s sex. For Miss World, it’s a large fillet-o-fish burger and fries. And fair enough.

The moniker of Natalie Chahal, formerly of punk duo Shit Girlfriend, Miss World’s debut single is a sardonic bit of retro pop sung from the perspective of a young woman searching for a sugar daddy. A stomping, lo-fi guitar track, it mimics the sound of vintage girl groups along with their infantile lyrics that position men as their saviours. “Give me presents / Make me feel better / Cuz i’m empty inside / And you’ve got a sweet ride,” she purrs, barely able to sing with her tongue embedded so firmly in her cheek.

‘Buy Me Dinner’ is both a piss-take of gold-digger culture and a sneering side-eye at those who depend on men to pay their rent. But while the track’s retro feel suggests something antiquated, the song’s inspiration couldn’t be more modern. In a recent interview, Miss World revealed the song was inspired by people who use Tinder to get meals at fancy restaurants. I had no idea couples who met on Tinder actually went to restaurants but apparently that is a thing people do. The more you know, I guess.

There’s a lot to love about ‘Buy Me Dinner’. It’s sarcastic, sure, but it’s also a scuzzy bit of dream-pop that revels in fantasy and melodrama. With its snarling underbelly masked by sweet, teenage vocals and a charming, romping rhythm, it’s essentially a punk song disguised as a pop song, coated in layers of sugar until its bitterness is almost entirely buried. Almost, but not quite. While ‘Buy Me Dinner’ may hum with juvenile puppy-love, at its heart is something much darker – and with an acidic sense of humour.


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