Body – Loreen – Review


By Alex

Is Loreen the greatest ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest? No, that accolade goes to Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut who won in 2010. Is she the second greatest? Still no, that would be ABBA. But is she the third greatest Eurovision champ of all time? Well yeah, probably. Loreen’s winning song ‘Euphoria’ was a triumphant blast of modern pop that dragged the competition into the modern day, proving it was possible to win without gimmicks and pyrotechnics.

Five years after her Eurovision win, Loreen has debuted new single ‘Body’, taken from her upcoming second album Nude.

A jittery, frenetic dance track, ‘Body’ is a rush of cold adrenaline that pulses and vibrates with drive and determination. It cracks and judders with snaking electronics and hard, cosmic creaks that give it a sci-fi edge, making ‘Body’ sound strange and unfamiliar, enthralling and unknowable. With its cool, blurry vocals, ‘Body’ begins like a standard club track, Loreen’s voice shimmering over a resolute dance beat, before descending into something unexpected and foreign. At times, ‘Body’ feels directionless, there being no obvious chorus here, but this is precisely what it makes it such a compelling – and, at times, unsettling – listen. There’s no telling where we’ll end up, the rhythm zigzagging in different directions, shuddering through a kaleidoscope of exotic beats and sounds.

‘Body’ is an intimate and claustrophobic track that feels close to the point of being intrusive. Were I to hear it in a club, I’m pretty sure it would give me a panic attack, but that’s OK. ‘Body’ is designed to be a bit perturbing, albeit in the best possible way. A shuddering tremor of titillating dance-pop, ‘Body’ is the evil twin to the gleaming Europop of ‘Euphoria’, and another uncompromising wild ride from Eurovision’s dark horse.


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