‘Get Low (Infrared)’ – Zedd & Liam Payne – Review


By Jack

The rich pantheon of ‘Get Low’ songs spreads as far and wide as the rivers of Babylon. Everyone at some point wrote a song about girls getting low. Flo Rida did it, Sir Paul McCartney probably did at some point too. The latest song tackling this timely topic, with poise and grace, is Zedd’s ‘Get Low’ featuring Liam Payne.

‘Get Low’ is 2017 House Track Serial No.0837. It’s a concise distillation of every trend that’s been popular this year; tropical beat, echo heavy production, simplistic synth loop. As a result it’s entirely generic and will fit into Radio 1’s A-List hand-in-glove.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just don’t expect to come away from this trembling at it’s terrible and mystifying implications.

Zedd has been chasing his smash hit for some time, and on this he may have it. He’s made some terrific music in the past (‘Break Free’ with Ariana Grande) and he can make pretty house music no problem, but he’s hamstrung by simplistic writing.

The chorus in ‘Stay the Night’ with Hayley Williams for example; by the end Hayley has sung “Are you gonna stay the night?” so many times the poor girl just sounds desperate and afraid.

‘Get Low’ also has a basic chorus that outstays its welcome, but Liam Payne absolutely nails it. After Payne’s solo debut ‘Strip Me Down’ was basically a total embarrassment, this suggests he may have a promising career as a collaborator / guest-verser. There’s plenty of money in that racket. Just as Pharrell Williams.

So whilst the writing is purely functional, the singing is pretty great and Zedd is trying some new things too. He’s moved on from the bass drops and massive synth sounds which abounded in his earlier work, which is probably a little kitsch now: it all sounds very 2013.

Here everything is stripped back. Minimalist. Dancey. And yeah the beat is pretty bomb and if you had a drop of gin in you, you’d probably have a little dance.

‘Get Low’ will take Zedd to the heart of the charts. This is his best track to date, and proves that both artists are here to stay. It looks like Zedd is finally approaching a style all of his own. Though this track is heavily indebted to Kygo, if Zedd can sustain this level of quality, he may find himself in very high office indeed. Song of the summer? It could well be.


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