Hot Shit: Men I Trust’s ‘You Deserve This’


By Alex

Straight off the bat, we can find fault with Canadian trio Men I Trust. Specifically, contrary to the group’s name, we intellectuals know that you should never trust a man. Not ever. Not even Jake Gyllenhaal with his puppy dog eyes and lovely beard. Nope. Not even Jake is a man we can trust. Because as has been proven again and again, men are – to use the scientific terminology – trash.

But we’ll forgive Men I Trust and their naivete. Only because we like their new single, though. ‘You Deserve This’ is a dreamy crush of retro chillwave that will lull you into a calm, men-trusting state of quiet bliss.

According to the band, ‘You Deserve This’ is about “relaxing, wishing good to oneself and others and the nostalgic joy of feeling part of the universe.” That’s a lot to cram into a three minute track, but with its subdued blend of bass guitar and floaty synths, the band manage to sketch out an idyllic soundscape that throbs with euphoric tranquillity and a concentrated, meditative calm.

We mustn’t rule out the possibility that ‘You Deserve This’ is actually an exercise in mass-hypnosis disguised as an indie pop song. In fact, it’s more than likely that the entire band is a smokescreen for an international organisation of men intent on lulling the world into a vulnerable state of relaxation before brainwashing them into trusting men forever. Still, when the music’s this good, we’re willing to turn a blind eye.


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