Hot Shit: The Elephant Trees’ ‘Monster’


By Jack

Avid readers may recall The Elephant Trees, part of the Guiseley massive, who we covered when their debut single dropped in February. They’re back with something very different on ‘Monster’.

Whilst ’90 Degrees’ was exquisitely hummable, ‘Monster’ has a little more depth. They’re in full indie-folk mode here, on a moody track that recalls Daughter’s track ‘Youth’.

It’s no pastiche though: ‘Monster’ is full of personality, a rambling track that goes from echoey guitars to sing-rapping to chugging bass-heavy chorus.

Martha, lead singer, comes out looking unstoppable. Just a teenager, but she sings like she’s seen some shit, and I believe her.  She’s able to invoke Alanis Morissette in full strop mode one moment, and then real curled-lip bitterness the next. She has the gritty delivery of someone like Kelli Ali from Sneaker Pimps.

Real gravitas from Martha, and another big step for The Elephant Trees.

Find The Elephant Trees here.


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