Hot Shit: Tender’s ‘Nadir’


By Alex

There’s a peculiar moment in Tender’s new video when a handsome chap in a flowery shirt begins gyrating and dancing behind his tired looking girlfriend who’s trying to brush her teeth. It’s no wonder, then, that what we see in ‘Nadir’ is the breakdown of a relationship, the track culminating in the pointed refrain “Thank fuck for our decline.” I hope it was the woman who did the dumping.

‘Nadir’ is taken from London duo Tender’s upcoming debut album, Modern Addiction, released September 1st. Its driving Tame Impala-esque arrangement coupled with an addictive twinkly riff makes for an infectious and often intense listen.

‘Nadir’ is a track that shuns break-up cliches in favour or something more bitter and brutal. “I hate it when you touch me but I kept it under wraps / Get bored during foreplay and I think we’re getting fat,” sticks out as a particularly damning line, one that sizzles with a quiet hatred that’s growing like mould, taking hold of the relationship and poisoning it with its toxicity. Surely something many can relate to.

‘Nadir’ hums with a sombre energy, pulsing with a tired frustration, the arrangement close and claustrophobic, the vocals seeping a restrained sorrow. It’s an affecting listen, a startlingly honest ode to the death of a once happy relationship now tarnished by disdain, loathing and grudge-bearing. Thank fuck for its demise indeed.



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