Hot Shit: Grace Lightman’s ‘Fangs’


By Alex

There is something inherently sexy about vampires. If you ignore the part where they’re like a thousand years old and look like they have life-threatening anaemia, they’re pretty hot stuff. After all, it doesn’t get much sexier than having your blood drained by a goth.

All this lusty blood-thirst is instilled in ‘Fangs’, the new track by Grace Lightman, a song that ripples with a moody, vampiric longing.

While the fangs of Lightman’s track are likely a metaphor, this is left fairly ambiguous, allowing a much more fun interpretation in which the song is about an actual vampire. And in my opinion, there aren’t enough pop songs about vampires. Lightman croons over a blooming synth and percussion arrangement, her voice echoing with a cool melancholy, the track shimmering with a cinematic Hollywood sheen.

Listened to alongside the video starring a cast of blood-smeared women, ‘Fangs’ becomes a chilling horror-short, the disturbing visuals juxtaposed by Lightman’s plush vocals. While ‘Fangs’ plays with the viewer’s lust for violence, at the track’s heart lies a personal sadness, one that can only find expression when coated in gothic metaphors and copious amounts of blood.


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