Hot Shit: Alice Mary’s ‘Failing In Love’


By Alex

I, for one, have never liked puns. Or people who pun. Punple, if you will, which you won’t, because it makes no bloody sense. As you can see, I cannot do puns. This is part of the reason I do not like them.

That said, I don’t mind the title of Alice Mary’s new track, ‘Failing In Love’. Those who are familiar with the art of puns will notice that the traditional phrase ‘falling in love’ has here been transformed into the much more sombre ‘failing in love’. It’s clever, if a bit sad, much like the track itself.

‘Failing In Love’ is an experimental ballad, encompassing rocky Hendrix-inspired guitar licks over an underbelly of dark techno. Mary’s melodic, desolate vocals bring the two into an unusual harmony, marrying them into a smooth oneness, before the arrangement cuts out entirely and she is left completely exposed for an a capella ending.

Classically trained Mary clearly knows a thing or two about fusing genres and her eagerness to experiment pays off here. An affecting and compelling track, Alice Mary’s pun-derful pop is one to watch out for.


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