Start the week with the eerie chill of Grandbrothers’ ‘Bloodflow’


By Jack

There’s no denying it, Classical is on the up. Not like you’ll see John Barry headlining T In the Park anytime soon, but the style is going places. The popularity of genre-benders like Woodkid and Agnes Obel as well as the rise of touring orchestras playing a particular score (Harry Potter, The Empire Strikes Back etc etc) and the big man himself, Ludovico Einaudi, has seen the genre rejuvenated.

The luxe of orchestration is a live draw once again. As neo-classical hovers around the fringes of the musical zeitgeist, Grandbrothers look set to make a splash.

Their new single ‘Bloodflow’ is an ensnaring and hypnotic taste of their upcoming album.

The eerie strings and slight pitter-patter of distant percussion will be familiar to fans of Einaudi’s In A Time Lapse, particularly ‘Time’, which bears a strong resemblance.

However, there’s a restless feel to the track far apart from what normally comprises neo-classical. There’s a nocturnal vibe akin to ambient bands like Little Dragon. That’s felt not just in the apprehensive tone but also in the progression of the track, where sparse elements are layered, expanded, withdrawn, and then brought back. Fuzzy synthesisers gradually creep, reaching a peak before petering out as the track ends.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the polymorphs from Düsseldorf; new album Open comes out in October.

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